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PMU Numbing & Aftercare

PMU / Cosmetic tattooing

At Toochi, Numbing and Aftercare are what we do best.

Starting out as Tattoo Numbing and Aftercare, when our local NZ PMU artists needed more options than tattoo numbing cream for their clients, we created a whole new line from scratch to cater for the direct needs of Permanent Makeup Artists.

Revolutionizing the options for PMU Numbing, our numbing sheets are quickly becoming an industry gold standard for leading PMU artists around the world. Once you try them you will see why these artists are enjoying our entire PMU range.

Toochi PMU Numbing Sheets are our game changing numbing option for PMU artists.

Simply put - they are a small numbing infused sheet that are used as pre numbing and activate in 2mins.

Our numbing sheets have been a game changer for brows and lips - not only are they easier and quicker - they will actually keep your client completely numb throughout their appointment!

Check out our reviews from PMU artists to confirm just how well they work!

Yes we do!

We offer our Toochi Blue Magic during procedure numbing gel as an alternative to our numbing sheets. This is our standard option which can be used for brows, once mapping and outlining has been completed.

This is similar to other numbing options out there, and is a great option for artists looking for a during procedure numbing gel.

We always recommend our PMU Numbing sheets, but if for any reason these are not right for you, our secondary numbing gel is also a great option.

Beautiful and delicate cosmetic tattooing needs to be cared for with with a gentle and nourishing aftercare.

We designed our PMU Aftercare Duo for exactly that. Our gentle cleanser and Aftercare Balm are used during the aftercare period for the ultimate healing.

Our PMU cleanser is a foaming and mild formula with tea tree for faster healing and our aftercare balm is a nourishing and light balm that is designed for brow and lip healing.

Offer your clients the best with Toochi, and use our aftercare guides (provided) or use our products within your own aftercare procedure.


Numbing Sheet Reviews:

Highly recommend

Hands down the best numbing I have ever used. Client felt nothing after 10mins of using these. Fell asleep throughout lip tattooing procedure.


Take my money!!

Lips have been a pain in the a** to numb, and today my client snored!!

The lips I did yesteday with these numbing sheets were the fastest and easiest I have done in 3 years!

Highly recommended!

So easy to use, so much easier then using cream. Cleaner, no cream in the clients mouth & my client was really numb throughout the whole procedure with minimal extra numbing.