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Yes you sure can, check out our 'Find Us' page, it shows you all of the wicked stores that stock Toochi.

Make sure to give them a buzz before heading in to check they have everything you need in stock!

Toochi Tattoo Numbing Cream


Toochi Tattoo Numbing Creams are single use only. They have active ingredients that oxidize as they are opened and exposed to air. Do not open your single use cream until you go to use it on the day of your appointment or it will not be as effective and the oxidization process will turn the cream brown. This is normal for creams with active ingredients.

DO NOT USE ON BROKEN SKIN - for skin already broken / tattooed, or during appointment, do not use Toochi Tattoo Numbing Cream. For during procedure numbing use our Blue Magic Gel

Do not sit in front of heater with numbing cream on.


- Do not open or puncture prior to use

- Keep below 25degrees

- Store out of direct sunlight

- Keep in a dry space. Do no store anywhere near moisture i.e a bathroom cabinet

- Do not store in a seal-able bag, or any bag that could allow heat to trap within

Failure to correctly store numbing cream can cause oxidization and other issues.

- Break the seal of the cream by using the back of the lid

- Clean the area with Toochi Foaming Greensoap (or similar antibacterial soap), and pat completely dry

- Apply the cream and spread onto the desired area, ensuring a thick (2mm - 3mm) and even layer is covering the area to be tattooed

- Next wrap the area with cling wrap, for a tight and secure hold. This allows the cream to activate and keeps any from drying out

- Leave in place for a full 90 minutes

For a deeper and longer numb you can

- Exfoliate the area and shave carefully with an Aloe Strip razor the day prior to your appointment.

- Use a hot compress (flannel etc) right before applying the numbing cream to open the pores and allow for deeper numbing

- Try our Blue Magic during procedure numbing gel, to top up your numbing during the appointment on already broken skin

No, you cannot reapply numbing cream once the skin has been tattooed (broken)...So if you have a longer tattoo session and are wondering about the best way to manage it you can:

1. Apply in sections. Say numb half the area, and 90mins prior to tattooing second area, then numb up the 2nd area. This is the best technique but not always possible.

2. Apply an even thicker layer to the full area and leave for just under 2hours. Then top up with Toochi Blue Magic - this is a during procedure numbing agent designed for exactly this!

About 3 - 10 hours - check our reviews of many customers saying it lasted over 10hours for them.

The amount of time can vary each application due to a few factors such as the area it is applied to, the application technique, the amount of time left on the skin prior to removing it, your skin type etc etc.

Toochi Tattoo Numbing Cream can also be used for many other treatments such as; laser hair removal, tattoo removal, waxing, piercings, cosmetic skin treatments, needling, topical numbing etc etc.

For all PMU and Cosmetic Tattoos we recommend using our Lip & Brow Numbing Sheets which have been specifically designed for these procedures.

No, our cream has been vigorously tested to ensure your ink will not be affected.  Our cream is water based, so the ink, tattoo and healing process won't be affected at all. We have many Tattoo Artists that use our cream and will tell you the same thing!

1 tube covers approximately 1 forearm. So for a full sleeve we would recommend 2 - 3 tubes.

The active ingredients in our cream are Lidocaine and Prilocaine, which we use with high quality binding agents and moisturizers that give Toochi its signature high quality numb!

Topical numbing agents can cause redness of the skin on some people. This is very normal and rest assured this will not affect your skin or your ink. It will likely subside within the first hour or so.

With all medicines there can be side effects, although most people will have no issues. If you have sensitive skin or are allergic to any of the ingredients please consult with your doctor or pharmacist before using.  Using on very sensitive areas can also cause some redness - which will fade as it wears off..

Less than 1% of people worldwide

Yes, we get our numbing cream made in batches and we pigment some of our batches. There is no cause for concern.

Very rarely a cream a cream can be punctured and turn a dark brown / black colour. This would be obvious as the colour would be inconsistent - and only dark in the area near the puncture. If you think this has possibly happened please get in touch with photos and we will get back to you right away with a diagnosis & follow up.

We recommend checking with your tattoo artist prior to buying our numbing cream.

You are welcome to get your artist to reach out to us with any concerns. We are stocked and used by leading tattoo artists from NZ and around the world who highly recommend our product.

It will not make the skin 'spongy' or hard to work like other knock off brands.

Toochi Blue Magic

Toochi Blue Magic is designed to be used during a tattoo, on already broken skin. It can be used after Toochi Tattoo Numbing Cream, or by itself (during the tattoo).

Once your skin has been broken and your tattoo is underway, if you feel you need to re numb, we recommend using Blue Magic. This was designed to be used on already broken skin as a top up for long appointments.

Yes you can reapply Toochi Blue Magic up to 2x during each session as per the instructions on the bottle.

Yes of course. You can use Blue Magic by itself (during the tattoo session).

We recommend using both our Numbing Cream (pre tattoo) and Blue Magic (during tattoo) for a really good, long numb


Yes all Toochi products are cruelty free!

We don't recommend using Foaming Greensoap after your final wipe down of your tattoo, as it is a sterilizing product, it is not good for the healing process. We recommend switching to Toochi Super Suds for the aftercare process as this is nice and gentle on your fresh ink.

All Toochi products have been designed to work together. Read through our Tattoo Care guide, where we go through our step by step guide on the best way to care for your tattoos.

Please note that our Tattoo Bandages need to be applied to clean and dry skin - always wash off all Greensoap before applying your Infection Protection Bandages!

Please read our Toochi Ultimate Tattoo Guide where we have broken down step by step the best way to care for your tattoos - from before, to during, to aftercare and beyond, we give you all the info you need in one place to put you in control of caring for your tattoos !