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What do professional tattoo artists use?

what do professional tattoo artists use?

Welcome back to Toochi Tattoo, your trusted source for all things tattoo-related! Today, we're delving into the world of professional tattooing and exploring the high-end products that top-tier tattoo artists swear by. Whether you're a seasoned pro or aspiring to reach new heights in your tattooing career, these premium tools and equipment will elevate your craft to the next level.

High-End Essentials for Professional Tattoo Artists:

Tattoo Machines:
  • Bishop Rotary - Renowned for their precision engineering and ergonomic design.
Tattoo Ink:

  • Dynamic Ink - Known for consitent blacks and its vibrant colors and consistent results.
  • Fusion Ink - Trusted by artists worldwide for its smooth application and long-lasting pigments.

Tattoo Needles and Cartridges:

  • Cheyenne Cartridges - Engineered for precision and reliability, perfect for intricate designs.

Power Supplies:

Tattoo Chairs / Beds:

  • InkBed Tattoo Chairs - Engineered for comfort and functionality, perfect for long tattoo sessions.
  • TATSoul Client Chair - Designed with client comfort in mind, offering ergonomic support and adjustable features.

Tattoo Lighting:

Tattoo Aftercare Products:

Tattoo Studio Furniture:

  • TATSoul Workstations - Designed for efficiency and organization, with customizable features to suit any studio.

Elevate Your Tattooing Experience with Premium Tools and Equipment:
Investing in high-end products not only enhances your artistic capabilities but also ensures the comfort and safety of both you and your clients. Explore these reputable brands and take your tattooing journey to new heights with Toochi Tattoo.
Ready to elevate your craft? Explore our curated selection of premium tattoo supplies and unleash your creativity with confidence. Embrace the joy of tattooing with Toochi Tattoo, your partner in professional excellence.



Im buying my first tattoo kit what do you recommend

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