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How to Apply Tattoo Numbing Cream

How to Apply Tattoo Numbing Cream - Toochi Tattoo

Everything you need to know about applying tattoo numbing cream to get the most numb for your appointment. Numbing creams seem straightforward to apply, but as many people will tell you there are a few extra steps you can take to avoid some of the pitfalls of applying without caution which we will get into below.

The best way to apply Tattoo Numbing Cream

As with all things, the more you do the better you will get at them. Most people that have used tattoo numbing cream will tell you that the first time they used it they put it on rather roughly, only to find out during their tattoo appointment that they had missed a few spots, which were then extremely painful, in comparison to the numbed areas during the tattoo session. This guide gives a step by step on how to apply it:


  • Shave the area to be numbed and ensure it is clean and dry (Ideally shave the day prior to appointment)
  • Puncture seal with the cap
  • Apply a thick and even layer of numbing cream to the area about 2 – 3 mm thick (do not rub in), slightly larger than area being tattooed
  • Cover the area with cling wrap and leave on for 90mins (this allows the cream to heat and activate, and prevents drying)
  • Your professional will remove the cream carefully before your procedure, or you can remove it yourself with paper towels and a good wipe down.

Extra steps for maximum numbing results


So these basic steps to take to get good numbing results. But how can you get even numb-er? There are a couple of extra steps you can add in to get deeper and longer lasting numbing.

  • Have a hot shower / or apply a hot compress (flannel/wheat pack etc) to the area just prior to numbing the area. This will open the pores, and allow the numbing cream to seep further into the skin which creates a deeper numbing effect
  • Apply a thin amount of numbing cream and rub this into the skin, then once rubbed in, apply a thick layer on top (the 2-3mm thick) and then wrap in cling wrap
  • Half way through the waiting period while the numbing cream is activating, slightly move and reactive the cream under the cling wrap by moving it around slightly, this will help to reactivate the cream

One last thing to remember with applying tattoo numbing cream


Ensure the full area that will be tattooed is carefully covered with cream, not to miss any areas no matter how small, as these will feel more painful than if there were no numb cream at all! You want to err on the side of caution with this (speaking from experience!) and spread it a little further than the area getting tattooed!


And this sums up how to apply tattoo numbing cream, let us know if you have any tips and tricks you use in the comments below!!






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