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PMU Numbing - Why Primary Numbing is the Best Option

PMU Numbing - Why Primary Numbing is the Best Option - Toochi Tattoo

In the realm of Permanent Makeup (PMU), client comfort during the procedure is crucial. This is where the role of numbing solutions comes in. Traditionally, there have been two types of numbing methods used: primary and secondary. Today, we'll explore why primary numbing has become the gold standard and why secondary numbing is viewed as outdated.

Primary vs. Secondary Numbing: The Key Differences

To fully comprehend the importance of primary numbing, one needs to understand the difference between primary and secondary numbing. Primary numbing, or pre-numbing, is done before the procedure, using a topical anesthetic like the Toochi Lip Numbing Sheets or Toochi Eyebrow Numbing Sheets. This method provides immediate relief and makes the procedure virtually pain-free from the outset.

Secondary numbing, on the other hand, was traditionally applied during the procedure, once the skin had been broken. The secondary numbing creams or gels, such as the older Toochi Blue Magic Numbing Gel, were applied after an initial round of PMU work.

Why Primary Numbing is Superior

The age-old adage, 'Prevention is better than cure,' holds true in the PMU industry. Why endure the pain first when you can avoid it altogether? That's precisely where primary numbing shines.

Primary numbing drastically reduces discomfort from the get-go. Clients can sit back and relax without apprehension, making the PMU process smoother for both the artist and the client. The Toochi PMU numbing sheets, for example, offer an efficient, easy-to-use primary numbing solution that works rapidly and effectively, diminishing the need for secondary numbing products.

Secondary Numbing: An Outdated Approach

Secondary numbing has been traditionally used in PMU but is increasingly seen as an outdated approach. It's essentially a reactionary measure, where the client first experiences pain, and then the numbing solution is applied. This approach has two main drawbacks:

  1. It requires the client to endure the initial discomfort until the secondary numbing cream takes effect.
  2. The broken skin can reduce the effectiveness of the secondary numbing cream, leading to inconsistent results.

The modern PMU industry has evolved, and it's no longer necessary for clients to undergo unnecessary pain during their procedure. With the advancements in topical anesthetics, primary numbing has proven to be a faster, better alternative.

Toochi PMU Numbing Sheets: A Game Changer

Toochi PMU Numbing Sheets have revolutionized PMU numbing. These primary numbing solutions are easy to apply and work quickly, making them ideal for use before any PMU procedure, whether it's for lips or brows.

Unlike traditional secondary numbing methods, Toochi PMU Numbing Sheets allow the procedure to begin with the client already numbed, providing a seamless, pain-free experience. This not only enhances client comfort but also allows the PMU artist to work more efficiently.


Primary numbing has undoubtedly become the preferred choice for PMU procedures. It's a proactive approach that spares clients unnecessary pain and makes the entire process more streamlined and comfortable. But don't just take our word for it, check out our testimonials from Highly regarded PMU artists here.


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