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Is tattoo numbing cream worth it?

Is tattoo numbing cream worth it?

One question that often pops up in conversations with our rad customers is, "Is tattoo numbing cream worth it?" Today, we're diving into this query to offer you insights from the experts and weighing up whether the cost is worth it for the level of pain free tattooing that you get. Let's get into it!


Here are the main contributing factors that we found to play a part in the question; is tattoo numbing cream worth it?


Enhancing Comfort During the Process: Tattoo numbing creams are designed to alleviate pain and discomfort during the tattooing process. Have you ever been mid tattoo and all you can think about is getting through the next minute? Not tapping out and feeling the embarrassment that comes with that? Pretending to look at your phone but actually just mindlessly scrolling hoping that the pain about to go away?  If so then we can definitely relate! Tattoo numbing cream helps to take that edge off, if not take all the pain away, which means you can actually relax and enjoy your tattoo appointment. So if you would rather relax and enjoy your next session then tattoo numbing cream may be for you.


Empowering Longer Sessions: For those opting for extensive tattoo sessions, the worth of a reliable numbing cream becomes even more valuable. Our expert formulations are geared towards providing prolonged relief, allowing artists and enthusiasts alike to focus on the artistry without the distraction of discomfort. With many options on the market these days it can be a bit of a job choosing the best tattoo numbing cream. We recommend finding a high quality brand with reviews from happy customers to find the best numbing cream for you. There is nothing worse than paying for a product and it does not do what it claims on the package.


Balancing Cost and Benefit: We all know that tattoos are expensive, they are an investment, and are something worth paying a lot for, as lets face it - its the only thing we can actually take to the grave. So why not pay an extra $30 - $40 to make the tattoo painless and therefore making the experience more enjoyable. 


Customer Experiences Speak Volumes: The numerous 5-star reviews from our loyal customers highlight the true worth of Toochi Tattoo's numbing creams. We take pride in being a brand that not only delivers effective products but also adds value to your tattooing experience. Your satisfaction is our measure of success.


In the realm of tattooing, where every detail matters, the worth of a numbing cream is subjective but undeniably significant. At Toochi Tattoo, we stand by the belief that a pain-free journey adds immeasurable value to your tattooing experience. Is tattoo numbing cream worth it? With Toochi Tattoo, the answer is a resounding yes.

For more expert insights and to explore the worth of our tattoo numbing creams and supplies, visit our website: Toochi Tattoo.


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