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Do all tattoo studios offer tattoo numbing cream?

Do tattoo studios offer tattoo numbing cream?

Welcome back to Toochi Tattoo, your trusted ally in the pursuit of pain-free tattooing. Today, we embark on a quest for comfort with the question: "Do all tattoo studios offer tattoo numbing cream?" Join us as we navigate the landscape of tattoo studios to shed light on this important aspect of your tattooing journey.

Understanding Studio Practices:

Tattoo studios vary in their offerings and practices, influenced by factors such as location, clientele, and artist preferences. While some studios may prioritize the use of numbing cream as part of their service, others may adopt different approaches to pain management.

Toochi Tattoo's Insightful Guide:

  1. Varied Approaches: The availability of numbing cream at tattoo studios can differ significantly. Some studios may offer numbing cream as a standard part of their service, while others may leave the choice to the client or prefer alternative pain management techniques.

  2. Artist Preferences: The use of numbing cream may also depend on individual artist preferences. Some artists may advocate for its use to enhance client comfort and improve the tattooing experience, while others may still have reservations or a more closed minded approach to tattoo numbing cream.

  3. Client Preferences: Studios that prioritize client comfort may be more likely to offer numbing cream as an option. However, client preferences vary, and some individuals may opt to forgo numbing cream - for some people it is part of the tattoo process for them and they actually enjoy the pain.

Best Practices for Seeking Comfort:

  1. Research Studios: Before choosing a tattoo studio, research their practices and offerings regarding pain management. Look for studios that align with your preferences and prioritize your comfort during the tattooing process.

  2. Inquire in Advance: If you have specific preferences regarding numbing cream, inquire with the studio in advance. Ask whether they offer numbing cream as an option and whether there are any additional fees or requirements associated with its use. Most studios in 2024 should be OK with you using it, and if not you can carry on looking. As for purchasing it, usually it is something you would purchase prior to your tattoo and apply 90 minutes before your tattoo is set to start. This avoids you and your artist having to wait around and potentially get charged for these extra hours.

  3. Communicate with Your Artist: Once you've chosen a studio and artist, communicate openly about your comfort needs and preferences. Discuss the use of numbing cream and any concerns you may have to ensure a collaborative and comfortable tattooing experience. There are certainly ways that your artist can work with you to make sure that the pain level is tolerable to you which includes taking breaks, staying hydrated, blood sugar levels up etc. Another biggie is making sure the artist knows where you have numbed and where you haven't, ideally you would have numbed a bigger area than needed - this is important as going out of the numbed area can cause the pain to be 'dragged back' into the numbed area, causing your numbing to wear off much faster.


So do all tattoo studios offer tattoo numbing cream? The answer varies depending on the studio's practices, artist preferences, and client needs. While some studios may prioritize the use of numbing cream as part of their service, others may offer alternative pain management strategies. Ultimately, the key is to choose a studio that aligns with your preferences and prioritizes your comfort throughout the tattooing process.

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