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Ultimate Tips For Using Tattoo Bandages

Ultimate Tips For Using Tattoo Bandages - Toochi Tattoo

A tattoo is a personal and permanent work of art. This special art is done using tattoo machines which use a fast-moving needle to inject ink deep into the skin layers. But a tattoo is more than just a random piece of art. It is a medical procedure, too. Therefore, caring for your tattoo is imperative to prevent complications and ensure that you enjoy safe and sound tattoo recovery. So, when we talk of tattoo care, one prominent product that comes to mind is tattoo bandages. The tattoo aftercare bandage demand is increasing, gaining popularity for tattoo recovery. It's easy application and quick healing properties make it an ideal tattoo aftercare product. Let's help you understand a few tips for using these tattoo aftercare bandages. 

Tips For Using Tattoo Aftercare Bandages

Tip 1: Remove Or Replace Bandages When Needed 

Once you are done with the tattoo bandage application for the first time, there will be a large blood and plasma buildup. That's because of the normal tattoo weeping process individuals experience with fresh tattoo ink. Therefore, you might need to replace the first bandage within 24 hours. Remember to follow the same application instructions your tattoo artist suggested to you for the first tattoo bandage while applying the second one. You can stay on with the second tattoo bandage for around three to six days unless you feel any fluid buildup, irritation or peeling. It would also be safe to replace your bandage if you notice any leakage or breakage. That's because even the smallest bandage rift can make your tattoo prone to infections and injuries. 

Tip 2: Limit Your Interaction Water 

One of the biggest NO while using a tattoo bandage is bringing it closer to water or submerging it into the water. Even if you are using Tattoo aftercare waterproof bandage, too much water can be overwhelming for your tattoo as well as for the bandage. Also, submerging your tattoo bandage in water ruins the adhesion of the aftercare bandage. As a result, your bandage will come or peel off completely. Thus, it would be best to avoid going to the swimming pool, soaking in the bathtub or staying in for long showers. All these activities could lead to harm to your tattoo aftercare bandage. So, it is best to keep your bandage as dry as possible.

Tip 3: Always Wipe Away The Sweat  

One of the strongest recommendation tips for the ones with fresh ink and tattoo bandage is to keep it as much as away from sweat. If you are a frequent exerciser, then you need to pay attention to how much you sweat during your workout session. Even if you do not work out, weather conditions can make you sweat, too. Why we are talking about sweat here is because it can weaken your tattoo bandage adhesion. Too much sweat can also lead to fluid buildup around your tattoo and under your bandage, which can affect the healing process. Moreover, it could also cause irritation and inflammation. 

Tip 4: Avoid Sunshine Or Provide The Bandage Protection

Another important tip while using a tattoo bandage is to avoid sunshine. In contrast, we know how important the sun is for our health; when you have fresh ink on your body that is covered with an aftercare bandage, it's better to avoid it. The sun's UV rays are the most damaging thing for our tattoos and can enter even through your bandage, too, especially when you put on a tattoo bandage during the first 6-8 weeks. Therefore, it's important to avoid any direct sun exposure. Once your tattoo bandage function is done, your tattoo is almost towards complete healing; then you can use good UV sunscreen lotion to step out in the sun. 

Tip 5: Remove Tattoo Aftercare Bandage When In The Shower 

As we mentioned before, water can harm the adhesion of your tattoo bandage and make it fall off more easily. For the same reason, you need to remove your bandage while going in the shower. When you take off the bandage in the shower it not only makes the process easier but makes it less painful too. The steady or constant flow of water softens the bandage adhesion, so it doesn't hurt much while peeling off from your skin. However, sometimes, a tattoo's adhesion can become very intense, and shower water won't cut it. In that case, our tip would be to apply lubrication around the edge of your bandage. It could be an oil that will wear away the stickiness of your bandage more than the water. This will make the tattoo bandage removal process much easier. 



A tattoo bandage is one great and very helpful product for the aftercare process for your fresh ink. So, it's always best to have a healthy supply of tattoo aftercare bandages with you for a healthy recovery. To fulfill the supply of your tattoo aftercare products, you can visit and check out Toochi Tattoos tattoo care products. The range includes bandages, tattoo soap, tattoo aftercare balm and more. Check out the entire selection today! 


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