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The Ultimate Tattoo Care Guide

Tattoos are leveling up – more intricate, more stunning, and needing more TLC than ever before. Say adios to the days of slapping on Vaseline and crossing your fingers. With a whirlwind of mixed advice and clashing products, we're here to make tattoo care a breeze for all you laid-back ink lovers. 🤘

We've got you covered in our all-in-one Stashbox, making the process smoother than your favorite guitar riff. But hey, if you're a lone wolf, you can still mix and match with your personal faves – just double-check those ingredients! 😎

Ready to dive in? Let's rock and roll through the ultimate tattoo care journey! 🔥

A few other things...

Remember to:

- Stay hydrated; this will help to speed up your recovery time
- Avoid rubbing the fresh ink, so no tight/restrictive clothing, and accessories etc that rub over a fresh tattoo
- Use only clean bedding / sheets / towels / clothes etc during the healing process to lower the risk of infection
- Avoid all direct sunlight on your tattoo during 3 weeks following your tattoo

- Do not bath / soak / swim for at least 2 weeks after your tattoo appointment - showering is fine, but remember to keep the temperature warm, rather than hot

If you are worried your tattoo has become infected or there is something wrong, get in touch with your tattoo artist, or go see a doctor. These are a few things to watch out for:
- Chills / Fever - this could indicate that there is an infection
- Redness; all tattoos will be red but if the redness does not die down after a few days it could be a sign something is wrong
- Oozing; if your tattoo is oozing fluid or pus at day 2 - 3 it may be infected
- Puffy/Swollen Skin; it is normal for the skin to be raised for a few days, but if the tattoo is looking puffy a few days later, it could mean that you are having a reaction to the ink

It is also very important to use a high SPF sunscreen on your tattoos (and non tattooed skin too), to protect them long term from the sun. Repeated sun exposure can be damaging to tattoos and cause them to fade and discolour.

Keep your tattoos popping by using Toochi Potion Lotion every day on your tattooed and non tattooed skin too!