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About Us

At Toochi Tattoo we have a deep love for Tattoos, and were disappointed in the products available and the advice around preparing and caring for a tattoo. A lot of products seem to be incompatible and there were no options when it came to full tattoo care, with tattoo numbing.

That's how Toochi was born - initially we started off with Toochi Numbing Cream. We wanted a Numbing Cream that would be really hard working, and also did not affect the way your Tattoo Artist could work, and the quality of your tattoo. Once we perfected our numbing cream, we quickly realized just how important a step by step guide was for the whole tattoo process. 

We have worked with many artists, tattoo lovers and experts within the tattoo industry to put together The Toochi Ultimate Tattoo Care Guide, where we break down step by step the best tattoo care practices, to give your artwork the best results.

We created a custom product for each step of the guide, making sure each piece not only worked together, but enhanced the rest. We took the guess work out of Tattoo care and want to share it with you, to give you the easiest and best tattoo care available.

Our Toochi customers are our first priority and we are dedicated to providing high quality Tattoo products for you!