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Toochi Tattoo Numbing Cream

We designed our numbing cream to be the strongest and longest lasting on the market, to help you get through your tattoo without pain.

Toochi tattoo numbing cream is specifically designed to keep the area numb for hours, and our high quality cream won't affect your new tattoo or healing process

Numb your next tattoo and enjoy your appointment instead of sitting through hours of pain!  



Can be used for tattoos, piercings, laser hair removal, waxing, tattoo removal, needling etc!

We recommend using our Toochi Numbing Sheets for PMU / Microblading etc - these have been specifically designed for these procedures!


We designed our whole range to work together and complement each other! Check out the rest of our range, to see how to care for your ink from beginning to the end (of time 😉)




Our numbing cream has active ingredients, which oxidize once they are opened. Which means its best to open them as you are using them for your appointment.

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