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Can tattoo numbing cream burn your skin?

can tattoo numbing cream burn your skin?

Unmasking the Truth: Can Tattoo Numbing Cream Burn Your Skin? Toochi Tattoo's Expert Insights

Welcome back to Toochi Tattoo, where we're dedicated to demystifying the world of pain-free tattooing. Today, we're tackling a question that often sparks concern: "Can tattoo numbing cream burn your skin?" Let's dive into the intricacies of this query, separating fact from fiction, and ensuring you embark on your ink journey with clarity.

Understanding Sensations:

When you apply tattoo numbing cream, it's normal to experience sensations such as tingling or warmth. These sensations are generally part of the numbing process, as active ingredients like lidocaine or prilocaine work to desensitize the skin. However, the key is to recognize what is expected and what is not.

Normal Tingling vs. Unwanted Burn:

  1. Normal Tingling: Mild tingling or warmth is a common and expected sensation when applying numbing cream. This is usually indicative of the cream beginning to work, numbing the skin's surface in preparation for the tattooing process.

  2. Unwanted Burn: While mild sensations are normal, an intense or burning feeling is not. If the sensation turns into a burning that is uncomfortable or painful, it's essential to assess the situation promptly by removing some or all of the cream and assessing whether your skin is reacting in a way, such as turning red etc.

Potential Causes of a Burning Sensation:

  1. Allergic Reaction: Individuals may have allergies to specific ingredients in the numbing cream. It's crucial to perform a patch test before widespread application to rule out any allergic reactions. The best way to do this would be a small patch test on a sensitive area of skin right before applying to the area being tattooed. We find the most common skin type to have allergic reactions to numbing creams is paler / light skin individuals that have sensitive skin.

  2. Overuse or Misuse: Applying excessive amounts of numbing cream or leaving it on for too long can lead to irritation or a burning sensation. Following the recommended guidelines is crucial to avoiding such issues.

  3. Low-Quality Products: Substandard numbing creams may contain harsh or inferior ingredients that can cause irritation or burning. Opting for high-quality brands, such as Toochi Tattoo, reduces the risk of unwanted side effects.

  4. Mishaps: Other things to be wary of are getting the cream hot whilst it is on your skin numbing. This could be from allowing it to be left in direct sunlight, sitting in front of a heater, heated car seat etc etc. Not being mindful of these types of incorrect applications could potentially cause burning.

Toochi Tattoo's Commitment to Comfort:

At Toochi Tattoo, we prioritize your comfort and safety. Our numbing creams are expertly formulated to provide effective pain relief without compromising on your skin's well-being. We use quality ingredients and adhere to industry standards to ensure a pain-free and worry-free tattooing experience.

Best Practices for a Comfortable Experience:

  1. Perform a Patch Test: Before widespread use, conduct a patch test to check for any allergic reactions.

  2. Follow Application Guidelines: Adhere to the recommended guidelines for application. Avoid overuse or leaving the cream on for an extended period.

  3. Choose High-Quality Products: Opt for numbing creams from reputable suppliers like Toochi Tattoo to ensure the use of quality ingredients and a commitment to your comfort.

Real Stories, Real Comfort:

Explore the testimonials of the brand to ensure that there are other satisfied customers who have experienced the comfort and effectiveness of the numbing cream you are looking to purchase. Their stories reflect our dedication to delivering a pain-free and safe tattooing experience.

In Conclusion:

Can tattoo numbing cream burn your skin? When used responsibly and with high-quality products, the answer is no. At Toochi Tattoo, we prioritize your comfort, ensuring that your tattooing journey is defined by pain-free bliss, not unwanted sensations.

Ready to embrace the comfort of pain-free tattooing? Explore our range of numbing creams at Toochi Tattoo and let your ink journey be a celebration of comfort and artistry.


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