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The Essential Tattoo Supplies Every NZ Artist Needs: A Complete Toolkit Guide

The Essential Tattoo Supplies Every NZ Artist Needs: A Complete Toolkit Guide - Toochi Tattoo

Tattooing is a craft that calls for more than simply natural aptitude and imagination. For each piece to be completed precisely and safely, a large variety of specialized tools and materials are required. No matter if you're a seasoned veteran or a beginner artist in New Zealand, it's critical to comprehend the value of each instrument in your toolbox. This guide will walk you through the essential Tattoo Supplies NZ that every tattoo artist needs for their craft.

Tattoo Machines: Your Prime Tool

The tattoo machine, often referred to as a tattoo gun, is an artist's primary tool. Available in two main types — coil and rotary — each has its unique characteristics and uses. Coil machines are traditional, offering more power and precision, ideal for lining and shading. Rotary machines, on the other hand, are quieter and smoother, providing an excellent option for shading, colouring, and black work. Choosing between the two largely depends on personal preference and the type of work you'll be doing most often.

Needles: The Artistic Tip

Different tattoo designs call for various types of needles. From single needles for fine lines and details to shader needles for colour fill and round shader needles for intricate shadings — having a range of these in your arsenal is non-negotiable. Always ensure that your needles are of the highest quality and remember to switch to a fresh needle with every new client for health and safety reasons.

Inks: Colours of the Craft

Inks are what bring your designs to life. High-quality inks ensure vibrant, long-lasting tattoos that won't fade over time. From solid black inks for striking tribal tattoos to a vast palette of coloured inks for detailed, colourful pieces, having a wide range of inks is necessary for any tattoo artist. Always choose inks from reputable manufacturers to ensure the best quality and safety.

Power Supply and Foot Pedal: The Lifeline

The power supply controls the speed, depth, and force of the needle. A foot pedal allows you to control the power supply hands-free, offering more precision and control over your work. Opt for a high-quality power supply and foot pedal to ensure consistent power and reliable performance.

Tattoo Grips, Tips, and Tubes: Control and Precision

Grips, tips, and tubes are essential components of your tattoo machine setup. They not only allow you to handle your machine comfortably and precisely but also guide the needle safely to the skin. While some artists prefer disposable grips and tips for ease of use and sanitation, others opt for reusable ones that can be sterilized after each use.

Stencil Products: Blueprint of the Art

Stencil products help transfer your design onto the skin accurately, acting as a guide while you work. From stencil papers to stencil solution, these supplies ensure your design stays on the skin throughout the tattooing process, ensuring precise and detailed work.

Tattoo Gloves and Other Disposables: Safety First

Tattooing requires close contact with skin and body fluids, making sanitation crucial in this craft. Tattoo gloves, preferably nitrile, are essential for both the artist's and client's safety. Other disposables include ink cups, razor blades, barrier films, and more. These items help maintain a sanitary working environment, preventing cross-contamination and infection.

Aftercare Products: Ensuring Healing and Longevity

Once the tattooing process is complete, the healing process begins. Aftercare products are essential to ensure that the tattoo heals correctly and the colours remain vibrant. Offering your clients aftercare products like tattoo ointments, creams, and lotions show your dedication to their health and satisfaction.


From the primary tools like tattoo machines and needles to safety items like gloves and aftercare products, every item in your toolkit plays an essential role in the tattooing process. Whether you're in the beginning stages of your career or you're a seasoned artist looking to upgrade your tools, these essential Tattoo Supplies NZ are fundamental to achieving the best results and ensuring the satisfaction of your clients. Remember, high-quality work starts with high-quality tools, so choose your supplies wisely.


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