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How much numbing cream do I need?

how much tattoo numbing cream do I need?
Finding the Sweet Spot: How Much Numbing Cream Do I Need? Toochi Tattoo's Comprehensive Guide

Welcome back to Toochi Tattoo, your go-to source for pain-free tattooing wisdom. Today, we tackle a practical question that often arises: "How much numbing cream do I need?" Let's navigate the journey to finding the sweet spot between comfort and optimal application.


The Goldilocks Dilemma: Not Too Much, Not Too Little

The amount of numbing cream you need is like Goldilocks finding the perfect bowl of porridge – it's about striking the right balance. Using too little may not provide sufficient numbing, while using too much can lead to waste and potentially adverse reactions.

Consider the Tattoo Size:
For this guide, we are referencing a 12g tube of numbing cream.

  1. Small Tattoos: For smaller tattoos, anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 tube should do the trick. These are smaller 'palm sized' tattoos

  2. Medium Tattoos: A moderate-sized tattoo - let's say a half sleeve, this will  require a bit more cream. 1 tube to 1 1/2 tubes should be enough for the average sized person. This could differ if you were to have very large arms and could require slightly more.

  3. Large Tattoos: Larger tattoos - let's say a full sleeve will require a bit more numbing cream. For this area we would recommend 2 - 3 tubes.

**Top tip - pay extra attention when applying your cream to ensure it is spread evenly. You will definitely feel the areas that are missed!

And did you know that tattooing outside of the numbed area's and then going back to the numbed areas can cause your numbing to wear off faster than normal? This is because it opens up the pain receptors in the area. Having an artist that is aware of this is great when you'd like your numbing to last the full session!


Toochi Tattoo's Application Guidelines:

  1. Apply a thick layer:. We recommend applying a thick layer of approx 3 - 5 mm. Similar to using a hair removal cream.

  2. Evenly Distribute: Ensure that the cream is spread evenly across the entire tattoo area. This ensures consistent numbing and prevents any sore areas during your session.

  3. Do not rub in: It is essential to leave the cream on top of the skin and not rubbed into it. The cream should sit ontop of the skin, rather than being rubbed in like a lotion.

  4. Wrap in cling wrap: The most important step! Make sure to wrap your numbing cream in a cling wrap / kitchen wrap or a tattoo bandage. This allows the cream to heat up to body temp and stay against the skin well. It also ensures that the cream will not rub off or evaborate during the numbing process. This step is key in getting the best results from your numbing cream.
  5. Leave on for 90mins: We recommend leaving your numbing cream on for a full 90mins prior to your tattoo session. This allows for the deepest numbing possible and for the cream to fully activate. Follow the instructions given on the package of your chosen numbing cream as each cream may vary.

Consider Individual Sensitivity:

  1. Perform a Patch Test: Before applying numbing cream to a larger area, conduct a patch test to check for any allergic reactions. This small test can help gauge your individual sensitivity.

  2. Listen to Your Body: Pay attention to how your skin responds.If you are allergic to tattoo numbing cream and any of its ingredients it will be obvious within the first 10mins or so of application.


So what does this all mean? And how much numbing cream do you need? It's a personalized journey, influenced by factors such as tattoo size and individual sensitivity. Striking the right balance ensures that your pain-free tattooing experience is both effective and economical.

Ready to find your sweet spot? Explore Toochi Tattoo's range of expertly formulated numbing creams at Toochi Tattoo, and let your ink journey be defined by the perfect blend of comfort and precision.


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