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Toochi Tattoo Glide NZ
Toochi Tattoo Glide NZ

Toochi Tattoo Glide

WS$ 94.00

Toochi Tattoo Glide is meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of tattoo artists, providing both a smooth skin lubricant for the tattooing process and gentle anti-inflammatory support for clients. With a formula composed of entirely natural and vegan ingredients, it guarantees a pure and wholesome experience for every client. Moreover, tattoo artists can access exclusive pricing through our wholesale program, ensuring both quality and affordability.

✓ A Natural Lubricant for The Tattoo Process
✓ Clean, Natural, Vegan Ingredients
✓ Provides Anti-inflammation Support to the Client
✓ Superior Glide Application


Featuring the same versatile formula as our Tattoo Aftercare to ensure optimal performance throughout the tattooing process.