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Custom Tattoo Design


A: Absolutely. Our skilled artists are brilliant at extracting concepts and ideas, even when they're a little nebulous. Together, we'll turn your thoughts into a spectacular design.

A: The creative process can vary, depending on the complexity of your design. But our artists work around the clock (some take a weekend every now and then) but they are excited to get your design and aim to get it to you within 24hours

A: Your happiness is our success. We can revise your tattoo design 2x, just let us know what changes you would like to see and we will revise up to 2 times for you free of charge. If you are still unsure - you can purchase again for 1/2 price (with 2 more revisions on that!)

A. You are welcome to use our Custom Tattoo Designs however you want! You can use it as the final design, or as a starting point with your Tattoo artist to give them some ideas of what you are hoping to achieve. Whatever works for you and your artist to bring your ideas to life.

Are you sick of scrolling the same images online and Pinterest to show your artist, hoping they will know what you are wanting to achieve? This is a way to get a custom piece of artwork, in our Artists digital style. A one of a kind design just for you