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How to use Toochi PMU Numbing Sheets

How to use Toochi PMU Numbing Sheets - Toochi Tattoo
So what are Toochi PMU / Permanent Makeup Numbing sheets you may be thinking? This is a good question, as these new and revolutionary numbing sheets were designed by Toochi and their leading numbing manufacturer as a solution to Permanent Makeup numbing.
If you are a PMU / SPMU artist that has looked beyond the selection of numbing options widely available then you are not alone. The 2 main numbing options used for PMU currently are traditional tattoo numbing cream and secondary numbing cream. As you likely already know, tattoo numbing cream is designed to activate a large area of skin slowly and must be wrapped - meaning that the ideal activation time of 60 - 90 minutes is far too long for you and your client to wait while it is activating, other draw backs to traditional numbing cream is that the ones with the best results are single use only, meaning a large cost for you as their artist or a PMU studio. The other common numbing for Permanent makeup is 'secondary numbing' this is a numbing gel that is applied to open / worked skin, meaning that in order for the numbing to activate it can only be applied to skin that has just been cut and opened (as the blade or needle does with permanent makeup). This numbing gel is not as effective and strong as traditional numbing cream. For most clients, having to put up with the initial pain of the needle with no numbing agent, the secondary numbing does little to ease their nerves and / or pain following this, as the full level of pain has already been felt, and given it is less effective than traditional numbing, this can be an undesirable option for a lot of clients.
This is where Toochi Numbing Sheets were born from - to offer a faster, more effective and easier option for permanent makeup numbing. Toochi Lip & Brow numbing sheets are a small sheet with numbing infused that are applied directly to the lips and / or brows.
Shaped either for lips / or brows, once applied they only need to be left on for a matter of minutes and full numbing is achieved, giving you and your client the peace of mind that you can both get through the appointment without the worry of the pain. They also help to reduce bleeding and bruising. Let us walk you through our step by step application below so you can see just how easy they are to apply and use:
permanent makeup numbing sheets
Here is a step by step guide to Toochi Permanent Makeup Numbing sheets:

This guide applies to both lips and brows (only the activation time need be adjusted).

  1. Clean brows or lips with an antibacterial soap prior to numbing
  2. Rip open packet and remove the numbing sheet. The lip sheet comes with a a lip shape numbing sheet and the brow sheets come with 2 brow shaped sheets. The brow sheet may need to be rubbed together gently to separate them
  3. Extra step Lips - place cotton pads behind lips so that no numbing can enter the mouth. Let your client know to hold their lips firmly together and notify you immediately if numbing gets into mouth (this would need to be flushed out immediately)  pmu numbing
  4. Apply to brows / or lips. Be very careful to avoid getting into eyes and mouth
  5. Lips: Leave for 1-2 mins and Brows: Leave for 4-5mins
  6. Remove the numbing sheets and wait for 2 mins for numbing to activate
  7. Check with client if optimal numbing has been achieved
  8. If needed - numbing sheet can be reapplied to Lips - 1min and Brows - 2mins
  9. IMPORTANT – DO NOT LEAVE ON FOR THAN 3 MIN FOR LIPS AND 10 MINS FOR BROWS. These sheets are stronger / faster working than gel and cream and the total numbing time should not be exceeded.
  10. Remove numbing sheet and discard. Clean the area completely before beginning procedure. Change gloves and clean workstation to ensure no numbing residue is left behind. The area is ready for the procedure

How long to leave Toochi Numbing Sheets


This is the step by step guide on how to apply and use Toochi Numbing sheets.

Another common question we get asked is 'should I apply them before or after mapping?' - while for the most part this does come down to personal preference. We have PMU artists that prefer to start with the numbing, and others that like to map the lips / or brows first. Either option is fine and as with **most mapping the numbing sheets should not rub this off as long as you gently removed the numbing agent. Our recommended option is to apply the numbing sheets BEFORE the mapping, and this is because you will be able to remove the numbing agent with a greensoap or similar, which eliminates the risk of any numbing agent entering the skin.

Key takeaways / notes for use:

  • Toochi PMU Numbing Sheets are PRE NUMBING ONLY. Never use on open skin, including cuts or grazes
  • This also means, once you have begun the procedure you cannot reapply the numbing sheets. These should be discarded immediately
  • A thorough wipe down should be completed when using Toochi numbing sheets, including changing gloves once numbing completed
  • Do not let numbing get into eyes or mouth, if this does occur, flush immediately and seek medical attention is needed
  • The lip skin is a highly sensitive area which is why they take less time to numb, caution should always be taken when numbing the lip area
  • Over numbing can cause whiteness and / or burn the skin if left on for longer than prescribed timing, always use a timer when numbing
  • If the cotton pad used for lips gets numbing agent on it, replace immediately and ensure numbing agent is not in the mouth, flush if needed

Toochi PMU numbing sheets are to be used by professional PMU artists only. Serious care must be taken when using numbing sheets due to their quick activation time. Please reach out with any questions prior to use. Never exceed the recommended time frames.

If you have any questions please get in touch and if you would like more info on these numbing sheets for brows and lips please check them out here!



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