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Does Numbing Cream Make It Harder to Tattoo?

does numbing cream make it harder to tattoo in 2024?

Welcome back to Toochi Tattoo, where we illuminate the path to pain-free tattooing excellence. Today, we delve into a common inquiry: "Does numbing cream make it harder to tattoo?" Join us as we unravel the complexities of numbing cream application and its impact on the tattooing process, guided by our expert insights.

Understanding the Concern:

The concern about numbing cream making it harder to tattoo stems from uncertainties about its potential effects on the skin's texture, the precision of tattooing, and the overall tattooing experience.

Generally this concern comes from tattoo artists who have had a bad experience with a numbing cream when they first hit the market 10+ years ago. Around this time, not much testing had been done with tattoo numbing creams and they were in their infancy. These bad experiences where it made tattooing more difficult because of things like skin reactions such as redness, swelling etc, or it changed the texture of the skin where it made it 'spongy' or 'tough' and therefor more difficult for the ink to stay in the skin. These issues combined were enough to make the tattoo artists that dealt with them put off for life. Not only did it made their life more difficult, but the bad reactions and the difficulty it put upon the artist to get the ink into the skin etc, was then flipped round on the artist where their clients would complain to them that this was their fault.

Understanding these factors helps to understand where this deep-seated resentment has come from which is still known widely today as even in the year 2024, a lot of artists claim that they still do not like tattoo numbing cream. 

Skip forward to today and tattoo numbing creams have come a long way from the initial offerings. These days the top tattoo numbing creams on the market are not only safe and very effective, but it is unlikely that your tattoo artist will notice you are using it - they do not change the texture of the skin and will not affect your ink in the long term. Enough testing has been done and hundreds of thousands of tattoo lovers have used it with no issues what so ever. 

Unfortunately with these deep-seated cultural hatreds, it takes many years for the realization that something that was once not perfect has changed, and so to can peoples minds about these things - tattoo numbing cream is just one example of this.

Toochi Tattoo's Expert Insights: Best Practices when using Tattoo Numbing Cream:

  1. Brand, Dosage and Application: Choosing a quality and reputable brand, proper dosage and application of numbing cream are crucial. Following manufacturer guidelines and applying the cream evenly across the tattoo area ensures consistent numbing effects without impeding the tattooing process.

  2. Observation and Adjustment: You the client may need to observe the skin's response to numbing cream. Approx 1% of people have an allergy to tattoo numbing cream and its active ingredients. This is more prevalent in individuals with sensitive and fairer skin. Keeping an eye on this will help to act quickly incase of any issues. Normally this would be within the first 10 mins or so of application. 

  3. Clear Communication: Open communication between the client and the tattoo artist is key. Clients using numbing cream should communicate with their artist prior to using to ensure that their artist is OK with it.

So does numbing cream make it harder to tattoo? When a high quality tattoo numbing cream with top tier ingredients is used then this will enhance the client comfort without impeding the tattooing process. With Toochi Tattoo's commitment to excellence, every tattoo session is defined by the harmonious balance of comfort and precision.

Ready to experience pain-free tattooing without compromise? Explore Toochi Tattoo's range of expertly formulated numbing creams at Toochi Tattoo and elevate your tattooing journey to new heights of comfort and artistry.


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