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Toochi PMU Numbing Sheets Packs

Mix and match between the Lip Sheets and the Eyebrow sheets to what suits your needs! Comes in 10 / 20 / 50

Our New Toochi Numbing Sheets are a real game changer for PMU - small sheets with extremely effective numbing, to save you time & mess during your appointments!

Both the Lip sheets & the Eyebrow Sheets are:

  • designed specifically for cosmetic procedures
  • quick numbing - approx 2mins lips & 5 - 10 mins brows for full numbing
  • occasional client will take up to 15mins, can be removed, test and then reapply
  • very effective numbing - 2hours or longer 
  • reduces bleeding, ideal for cosmetic tattooing procedures
  • does not cause puffiness normal numbing creams can cause
  • no need to cover area, mask has numbing agent in it
  • extremely convenient / mess free / quick
  • long-lasting numbing
  • hygienic single use packaging
  • can be reused throughout appointment on same client, just place back into packaging so it does not dry out


Packs of 10 / 20 / 50

Just leave a note on your order for how many of each you would like / or email us at

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