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Free Pack Toochi Tattoo Bandages

These are the future in Tattoo Healing - once your new Tattoo is all finished up, apply a Toochi Bandage to lessen the pain of your Tattoo 10 fold. Once you have used these once, you won't be able to get a Tattoo without one - they are heaven on a new tattoo, especially as the pain sets in following our infamous Tattoo Numbing Cream. They are a real game changer.

They also keep your new tattoo clean, prevent scabbing and infection, loss of color and detail, and prevent rubbing on clothing / bedding (Ouch!)

Your tattoo artist can apply your Toochi Tattoo Bandage to your new tattoo, or watch our video to see how to apply yourself! (instructions also in the bag)

These packs come with 4x 10x20cm bandages, the first can be applied straight after the tattoo by your tattoo artist. You can leave this first one on for 12 - 24 hours.

We recommend removing it in the shower, while washing your new tattoo with Toochi Foaming Green Soap, then dry with towel and apply some aftercare balm (we recommend Toochi Aftercare Balm) - then the 2nd Toochi Tattoo Bandage can be applied. This can be left on for 3 to 6 days (full six days is ideal). If the tattoo and skin appears irritated or if the bandage is peeling off / there is fluid buildup it is fine to remove the bandage sooner. Bandages can be cut smaller as needed.

We offer 2 bandage sizes (this is the smaller 10 x 20cm pack - 4x)

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