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The Toochi Tattoo Stash Box - The Ultimate Collection to care for your Ink

The Stash Box was designed to have everything you need to care for your tattoos - from before your tattoo has started, to during your tattoo, to after - and beyond

This would be enough for 3 large tattoos!

The box includes:

- 3pack Razors

- 3x Toochi Tattoo Numbing Cream -  Toochi Tattoo Numbing Cream

- Toochi Foaming Greensoap, to use before & during your appointment to keep the tattoo clean, reduce inflammation and sooth the site (just take to your appointment!)

- Toochi Tea - Euphoric & Relaxing to enjoy during your appointment

- Toochi Large Pack Bandages, to use after your tattoo to reduce the pain, stop bacteria, reduce chance of infection and to stop the dreaded rub

- Toochi Super Suds - Antibacterial soap to clean your fresh ink, gives it a proper clean, without drying out the healing artwork

- Toochi Never Fear Aftercare - Our amazing tattoo aftercare that heals tattoo quickly with the perfect consistency and smell

- Toochi Magic Potion Lotion - This is our great new product to help moisturize the tattoo in the final weeks of the tattoo aftercare stage - which can also be used as an everyday lotion on your tattoos to keep them popping and looking fresh



This pack is every thing your new tattoos and you will need to get you through - and have them in the best condition possible. Take the guess work out of caring for your tattoo and leave it up to Toochi - we have your back!



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