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Toochi Eyebrow Numbing Sheets are just what they sound like - numbing sheets which are placed on the eyebrows for 5 - 15mins before procedures to numb the area.

We specifically made these numbing sheets for Cosmetic Eyebrow procedures / PMU such as Microblading/Feathering, Mist Brow/Microshading, Ombre Brows, Combination Brow and other types of Permanent Eyebrow Makeup.


They were designed for fast numbing, as we know that this is ideal for most techniques / application, and with the added bonus that Toochi Numbing Sheets also reduce bleeding.


They are a game changer for Permanent Makeup - try them for yourself and see just how well and fast they work! Our PMU specialists recommend these over normal tattoo numbing for PMU appointments


Check out our similar product / Toochi Lip Numbing Sheets, which are used for Permanent Lip Makeup


 Toochi Eyebrow Numbing Sheets are single use - 2 in packet, 1 for each brow


** Follow instructions carefully and do not leave on for more than 15mins

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