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The best Tattoo Needles in NZ
The best Tattoo Needles in NZ

Tuffking Tattoo Needles - Bugpins

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Tuffking Tattoo Needles- 20 Packs

A great choice and a cost effective tattoo needle option.

1. 316 medical stainless steel with high hardness and high colorfastness.

2. Translucent pink PVC ink cartridge makes it easy to observe the degree of pigment consumption.

3. Wear-resistant high-quality materials

4. High-precision ink cartridge design, prevent inkjet and ink leakage

5. Spring silicone design, high resilience and prevent the needles from shaking 

6. Safely sterilize with individual packaging.

7. Upgraded welding process, exquisite workmanship, smooth appearance, smooth needle, and smoother ink output.