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The Process of Creating a Custom Tattoo Design

The Process of Creating a Custom Tattoo Design - Toochi Tattoo

You may be curious about the steps involved in creating a custom tattoo design if you're thinking about getting one. From the initial consultation with the tattoo artist to the final design approval, we'll take you step-by-step through the process of developing a custom tattoo design in this blog post.

1. Add as much info as possible into our website, and choose the different style, colour, size etc that you are after.

2. Choose the best package for you

3. You will receive your custom tattoo design within 24hours

From here you can take this reference picture to your tattoo artist. This can save a lot of upfront cost to your tattoo, as in the past the design of your tattoo can add up in the hundreds very quickly to achieve the result you are after.

If you need some tweaks, simply reenter the new information into our site to carry on working on your design.


Tattoos are a lifelong artwork on your body, so getting this absolutely perfect and to your liking can be a process.

Reach out with any questions!


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