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Our Painfree Package is our bestselling duo for a Painfree Tattoo experience

The Painfree package includes:

1x Best Selling / Working NZ Toochi Tattoo Numbing Cream

1x Large Toochi Tattoo Bandages (4x 20x20cm Bandages)

Toochi Tattoo Numbing Cream will get you through the tattoo process, and our Toochi Bandages are designed to be applied right after your tattoo to lessen the after pain of the tattoo. When used together they work extremely well to make the whole process a lot more enjoyable with a lot less pain

The Toochi Tattoo Bandages also stop bacteria from entering the tattoo , prevent scabbing and infection, loss of color and detail, and stop it from rubbing on clothing.

All of our products are designed by Tattoo Artists, with Tattoos, who all use Toochi Products on their tattoos


All our products are sent from our NZ warehouse - and we use the fastest NZ shipping. Shipped same business day / or following business day if ordered after midday

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