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Our 'Less Than Your Artists Hourly' Bundle is the less than the price of the average hourly tattoo cost so for less than 1 extra hours cost of your Tattoo, you can sit back and fully enjoy your appointment, knowing that it will be pain free, relaxing, and you've got some top quality Tattoo Aftercare products to get you through the pain after the Tattoo is finished too

The bundle includes Toochi:

- 2x Tattoo Numbing Cream - The Best Tattoo Numb Cream on the market

- Tattoo Bandages (Large Pack - 3x  20x20cm) - To lessen the after pain of the Tattoo, protect your ink, prevent bacteria entering your new tattoo & stop rubbing on clothing

- Foaming Green Soap, for washing your new tattoo

- Aftercare Balm, to sooth and care for your new tattoo

- Blue Lotus Extract - To give you a relaxed/euphoric experience throughout your tattoo appointment. Can be added to any drink/tea/food


See each item listed above for more info on each


Sit back and really enjoy your next Tattoo with our Big 'Tattoo Hourly Cost' Bundle, you won't regret it! This is the future of tattooing.

All Toochi products have been designed by Tattoo Artists with Tattoos, who use these products. They have been made to work together, and give the best result for your new Tattoo

All our products are sent from our NZ warehouse - and we use the fastest NZ shipping. Shipped same business day / or following business day if ordered after midday

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