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FREE BALACLAVA - tattoo numbing aftercare cream | Toochi
FREE BALACLAVA - tattoo numbing aftercare cream | Toochi



Free Toochi Balaclava

Get your FREE Balaclava with purchase over$200!!

When the temperature drops, and you need to stay as warm as the fiery pits of hell, our wickedly cozy Black Balaclava is your go-to gear! Embrace your privacy and keep your face snug as a bug during those chilly adventures. 🥶🔥

Here's why you'll love our balaclava:

  1. Unleash your mysterious side: This pitch-black balaclava adds a touch of enigma to your look while keeping you toasty! 🌚✨
  2. Rad comfort: Made from ultra-soft, breathable fabric, you'll feel like you're wrapped in a warm, dark cloud. ☁️🤘
  3. One size fits all: Whether your head's the size of a pumpkin or a watermelon, our stretchy material is designed to fit you like a glove. 🎃🍉
  4. Versatile AF: Wear it as a full-face cover, or fold it down into a wicked neck gaiter. The options are endless! 🕶️💣

So, don't let the cold weather put your awesomeness on ice. Order your Wickedly Cozy Black Balaclava today and keep rockin' no matter the weather! 🌬️🎸


Comment the colour you'd like on your order!