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High Quality disposable razors for your convenience!

Lubricating Aloe strip for smoother shaving and to avoid cuts and nicks  before your appointment

We offer a 3 pack of high quality disposable razors to add to your order. These are brand name razors.

When preparing for your tattoo appointment, the best way to prepare your skin is to shave it yourself the day prior to your tattoo appointment.

Why is it ideal to shave the area yourself the day before? This is because shaving causes damage to the epidermal barrier of the skin, although you likely cannot see the damage, every time your skin is shaved it affects the inflammatory response of the epidermis.  Up to 20% of the material removed during shaving comprises skin, so it is therefore best to shave 24hours prior to your appointment and give the skin time to calm down from this prior to a tattoo.
This pack contains 3x quality disposable razors. These should be used 1x and then discarded.

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